You have probably heard a lot about GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation) over the past few months and you maybe wondering what you need to do to become compliant. 


From the 25th May 2018 all companies that hold data will need to be GDPR compliant. The penalties for non-compliance with the GDPR can be very substantial – for serious breaches, up to 4 per cent of global turnover or €20 million, whichever is the higher.


Email Marketing and GDPR


If your company contacts clients and prospects by email you will more than likely not be GDPR compliant. Over the past several months the team at Quay Websites has been working with clients to help them become compliant when undertaking email marketing and data collection. 


Using unique double opt in methods we have helped many local and national companies cleanse their existing databases and create new GDPR compliant databases.


The fear that a lot of our clients have had is the loss of historic data that cannot be confirmed to be GDPR compliant. Quay Websites has helped them develop marketing stratgies to minimise loss of data and improve the data quality aswell as reduce costs with email providers, such as Mailchimp.


How can we help you


If you are already doing email marketing and are looking to become GDPR compliant we can help you strategise campaigns to improve double opt in rates. Contact us today to discuss your requirements further.


Or you maybe new to email marketing and are worried about using existing data and collecting new data. Quay Websites can help you create and deliver email campaigns as well as help you increase your email database organically. Get in touch to discuss our email marketing services.


Whatever your requirement, Quay Websites can help you get ready for GDPR, don't delay, act today!



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