IOS 10 - What can I help you with?

Apples IOS 10 is here and is busting with features to make our everyday life easier and more exciting. Since we upgraded our Apple phones at Quay Websites we have been playing around with lots of the new features and seeing what will be of use throughout our busy days at work.


We love making our clients lives easier and their days more productive and that's not just oinline and with our SEO services in Gloucester and Cheltenham but also we are here to help you with any technical support you require. So we have put together a list of useful features in IOS 10  that might just get through your daily grind.


1. Siri - Finally Apple has allowed third party app developers to access Siri for extended features within their apps. We should see some great new things coming to our favourite apps very soon. however here are a few things that we use Siri for every day that you may benefit from.


Here's one that you may not have though about, Maths, Siri has to be the best calculator, rattle off your sums to it and you will get a quick answer. We use this all the time, we get SIri to work out our VAT and any mathematical question that's floating around our office.


Searching the web is really easy with SIri , so save on those fingers and just ask Siri what you are looking for.


2. Parked car - This is super as when visiting clients particularly in Cheltenham I have to park my car down a side street and after the meeting I can be often scratching my head in regards to where I have parked the car. IOS 10 now automatically records when you parked your car and pins it on maps. The best bit is that you don't have to do a thing, its all automatic. 


3. Messages - communication in any business is so important so finding new and easy ways to communicate is always on our radar. The new messages app allows you to send drawings, files, music and all sorts. After getting over sending stupid pictures to each other and playing noughts and crosses, we have found that it is a really cool and easy way to stay in touch with the team.


4. Notifications are looking a lot better and are more prominent making sure we don't miss and messages, also voicemail can be converted to text which is great if you listening to voicemail's.


Over the coming months we will see how IOS 10 has benefited our day to day business, so watch this space for more information on IOS 10 features.




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