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In this article we refer to Google Adwords as a main PPC provider, Quay Websites also specialises in other PPC suppliers on search engines and social networks.


What is PPC ?


PPC stand for Pay per Click and is used to describe paid for advertising online. As the name suggests you pay when someone clicks on you advert. PPC advertising can be very effective and can be deployed across multiple search engines and website partners, blogs and advertising networks.


Pay Per Click advertising can deliver faster results than SEO organic promotions and is 100% manageable and measurable, making it an attractive type of advertising that can be easily quantified.


The downside of PPC advertising is that without proper planning budgets can be exhausted quickly and return on investment can be low. However with a company behind you that knows how to set PPC up (Quay Websites, for example) you can reap the rewards of PPC marketing.


How to select a PPC campaign


With PPC you have two main options Keyword or content match campaigns.


Keyword Campaigns are driven by bidding on specific keywords or phrases, when these specific keywords are searched for your advert will appear with a link to your website in the natural listings , on google they are displayed on the right hand side and at the top of the page. A benefit from Keyword campaigns is that you can target your audience for instance our keyword phrase would be 'Cheltenham Web Design' or 'SEO Cheltenham'


Content match campaigns are similar to keyword campaigns, in as much as you set your desired keywords and phrases, but the difference is where the adverts are displayed. Googles adwords PPC displays content matched adverts on partner websites, blogs, newsletters and emails. Google will select places to display your advert that it feels is relevant to the advert being displayed


With both types of campaign the advertiser only pays when an advert is clicked on, they pay the amount that they have agreed for a click. Usually the more you pay or bid per click the more exposure you get and the chance of appearing above a competitors advert is greater.


How to set up a PPC campaign


1. Select a PPC provider that suits your requirements and budget

2. Clearly identify the audience that you are to target

3. Set goals to achieve and realistic conversion rates

4. Carefully select keywords and phrases to target your audience

5. Create a landing page for the advert to link to with a strong call to action

6. Don’t just let it run, monitor the campaign and adjust the parameters to suit the current trends


PPC monitoring


This is where Quay Websites can help you save money, time and maximise your PPC exposure.


It is vital that a PPC campaign is closely watched over as advert positions change rapidly due to competitors increasing their bids to combat the competition. Also you may have set a bid to beat a competitor at the time the campaign started, that competitor may remove their advertising which would then result in you paying to much for each click. Unmonitored thousands of pounds could be lost in PPC advertising.


Quay websites will help you set up your PPC campaign, selecting effective keywords through market research, we will then monitor the campaign making sure you are getting the most from your money.


Quay Websites do not charge set up fees for PPC advertising we simply charge an affordable monthly campaign management fee that can be built into your PPC budget.


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