After creating a website, the next task is to drive people to your website so they can explore your services or products. The best way to get this valuable traffic is by having your website found when people search on search engines such as Google or Bing.


Although that sounds relatively straight forward it quite often isn't as easy as one might think. To get a good ranking or the coveted number one spot on search engines most companies employ the services of a SEO specialist.


Quay Websites is working with many Gloucester and Cheltenham based companies improving their websites SEO and helping to drive quality local traffic to their websites.


An example of what SEO is, a local builder may want to appear for a search term such as ' builders in Gloucester ' , by using special SEO techniques we would optimise their website to achieve a higher Google ranking for that local search term. Appearing higher on Google or other search engines increasure exposure and traffic and in turn increases enquiries.


We have also worked with many national companies to acquire national listings on search engines, for instance one of our clients wanted to appear on Google when people search for ' Steel Building Supplier ' from anywhere in the UK. Achieving a national top ranking can be more difficult but by using our proven strategies this can be achieved over time. 


Whether you want local or national exposure our SEO team can help you.



Our SEO packages are affordable and will be tailored to your requirements. Simply get in touch to discuss how we can be of service to you.


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The first part to a strong SEO strategy is researching what is known as 'keywords' or 'keyword phrases' These keywords will be what we target on search engines.


Quite often our clients come to us with a list of keywords that they would like to be listed on Google for. We would then undertake extensive keyword analysis to discover what people are actually searching for. It is often the case that we uncover a different set of keywords to target.


It is imperative to rank on search engines for what people are actually searching for, not for what we may think they would search for.


This alone is one of the biggest mistakes made when a SEO strategy is made. We have dealt with numerous companies that have been simply targeting the wrong keyword phrases and thus getting no where with their SEO efforts.


The next stage to our SEO strategy is to drill into what your competitors are doing on their websites with regards to SEO. Understanding why a competitors website is ranking above yours provides valuable information which will help shape the SEO strategy that we create for your company.


It maybe that the competitors website has more or better content than yours. So based on this we would focus on improving the website content so it betters your competitors. Or it maybe that your competitor has acquired lots of backlinks ( website that link back to the competitors website) likewise we would need to focus on improving your backlink structure , etc etc


One thing to keep in mind ...

Search Engines like Google want to give the best user experience and thus will only improve the rank of a website if it offers more value to the end user.


Once all of the research is complete we need to take a hard look at your website. Having the best website in your sector will be key to having a successful SEO campaign.


Quote often a 'good' website is defined by how nice it looks. Lots of graphical elements and pictures etc. However although this can be a visual delight to the website visitor it can effect your SEO efforts. Search engines like Google love written content as it helps them establish what your website is about and your understanding of what you are trying to promote.


Having a good balance between written content and graphical content will improve your search engine rank.


We then look to the more technical elements of the website making sure meta data, page titles and alt tags are fully optimised to take advantage of the search engines algorithm. We also need to iron out any coding issues on the website that would prevent a good SEO score.

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