Bath Business Expo Review

The Bath Business Expo was our first Exhibition and we really enjoyed it!


Being able to connect with some many businesses in Bath and discover other companies exhibiting from the South West was superb and we would highly recommend other businesses to exhibit and visit at the next Bath Business Expo.


We were proud to give practical advice to so many businesses during the day from agricultural suppliers to coffee retailers. It was surprising however how so many businesses do not have a online marketing plan for 2017.


It is more important now than ever to have an effective online marketing plan. We encourage all businesses large and small to consider the following:


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Email Marketing

Social Network Marketing

PPC - Pay Per Click advertising


It can take several months to effectively create, test and implement an effective marketing solution for your business so crack on and get in touch for some practical advice.


However, before you start to consider how you will be marketing your business online this year, you must have a website worth visiting that works across all platforms and mobile devices. Get in touch to discuss how we can create an affordable (sometimes even free) responsive website that will give your business a boost in 2017.


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