Yes, that's right Cyder is spelled correctly!


An interesting project has come our way for Gospel Green Cyder. Gospel Green is a well-established cyder company based in the UK that uses traditional production processes to create a refreshing and delicate sparkling cyder.


This is quite an interesting SEO project as the company is established but yet google do not rank them for their own brand name ' Gospel Green ' their website www.gospelgreen.co.uk contains the target keywords so you would have thought that they would rank for their own company.


This is where SEO becomes invaluable, not ranking for your own brand name can cause issues for all your marketing efforts. Say for instance you put an advert in a magazine, naturally, people are going to Google you. So your brand needs to be found at the op of Google.


One of the ways that we are going to help gospel Green is by onsite content and optimised meta data. It is so important to have good quality content. Although many opt for a streamlined website that is very pictorial, written content cannot be ignored and is one of the biggest ranking factors.


Over the coming months, we look forward to creating onsite and offsite content for Gospel Green. lets see how quick we can get their website on page one of Google! We will keep you updated with our progress.


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Gospel Green Cyder

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