A project to be proud of

It's not every day that you a presented with a website design and online marketing project that will get the creative juices flowing. Over the past few months we have been working with the wonderful team at MACH MANAGEMENT to create a beautifully unique website and mobile app.


MACH came to Quay Websites after a troubled history of being let down by website designers and digital marketeers. After a lot of reassurance and being able to create a marketing package to suit their individual needs we commenced the design process for their soon to be new website.


Our in house graphic designer came up with some initial designs that reflected the beauty industry based on our market research. However although being nice these didn't capture the essence of what MACH is all about. So back to the drawing board! After taking the time to learn about their business and idealisms we cracked on with a new concept designed just for MACH.


At Quay Websites we don't use website templates everything is bespoke, so it was time to get creative! What followed was something very special! Out of the blank white spaces of modern design emerged a website like no other. Bespoke background images inspired by Klimt were designed , carefully selected type fonts were chosen and a flowing navigation was installed. A few weeks into the website design we know this was going to be something special.


MACH continued to push our abilities to the maximum to create a website that was truly unique and inspirational to their clients and staff. 


Understanding how their business works we decided to create for them a mobile web app that enables MACH to communicate to new and existing clients. This app has revolutionised the way they engage clients on a daily basis.


We are so proud to launch the new website and app for MACH MANAGEMENT. Now we are partnering with them to improve their online visibility using SEO, PPC, Social media and Email marketing


Take a look at their new website: https://www.machmanagement.com 


Claire from MACH MANAGEMENT was kind enough to leave this review on our Facebook Page:


"A truly professional service with the most talented man behind everything. 
The search was a long one to find someone like Jason at Quay Websites design and marketing, and honoured to be working with each other for further MACH MANAGEMENT developments."


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