If you business is based in Gloucester and you want to be at the top of page one on search engines, Quay Websites can help you achieve excellent SEO results using organic search engine techniques to get your website to the top of search engines such as Google.

Our SEO services tailored for companies in Gloucester can increase your search engine rank and drive more quality traffic to your website. We work with many companies in Gloucester and Gloucestershire helping them improve their search engine position and ultimately increase their business.

Lets take a look at just a few companies that are our SEO clients in Gloucester.


1. Quay Websites > Search for the popular term ' SEO Gloucester'

What better place to start than with ourselves! If we can't do it for ourselves then why would you believe we can do it for you!

We are proud to have the no.1 spot for SEO Gloucester on Google. This prime position in our industry is coveted by all companies doing SEO , just as we have got our website to the top we can do the same for you. The proof is in the pudding!


2. Window Cleaning Gloucester (Diamond Shine) > Click here to search the popular term 'window cleaning Gloucester'

Diamond shine's website holds the no.1 spot on Google for he above term. Having his spot positions this local company above national companies such as



3. Newman Removals > Click here to search the popular term ' removals Gloucester'

Newman Removals of Gloucester is a more recent client of ours, joining Quay Websites late 2014. So far we have managed to secure them a page one position and we are working our way to the top.

It looks to be a good year in 2015 for Newman Removals!



These are just a few clients that we have been able to achieve high Google ranks for since 2014.


We cant wait to get your website to the top of Google and other search engines. Contact us on 01452 899 722 to discuss how SEO can transform your business locally in Gloucester.




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