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The question we get asked the most is, how much is a website?


As you can imagine the price can vary dependent on what functionality you require within the web design. So here is a guide to prepare you for your first web design consultation and give you a heads up on what you would expect to pay.


Before we get into the guide I would like to point out that Quay Websites is one of Gloucester and Cheltenham's most affordable web design company but yet still offering the highest quality web design service. So what ever your budget and project is get in touch as we are confident that we can tailor a web design package to suit your requirements.


What should you pay


Most web design companies including Quay Websites base their pricing module on how long the ascertain the project to complete. So to get the very best priced web design preparation is key. The more information you can gather and give to your web designer the more accurate your price will be.


Here is a list of things that you should know prior to contacting a web design company:


  • How many pages the website will need to be
  • Do you intend to sell online - E-commerce
  • Will you be supplying text and images or do you expect the web designer create these
  • Have you registered your own domain and email boxes
  • Do you have a project deadline
  • Do you need the ability to make changes yourself - CMS (content management system)


Once you have the above basic information you should be able to get a accurate price from the website designer.


As a rough guide here is what you would expect to pay for a modern responsive website:


  • Small 5 page showcase website £450 - £700
  • Large 10+ page showcase website £600 - £1100
  • Small e-commerce website £800 - £1200
  • Large e-commerce website £1500 - £2500


Competition analysis


A great way to work out what you need from a website is look at your competition and write down what you like and don't like about their websites. This will help your web designer to understand what you need from your new website.


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