What to do before approaching a web design Company

Quay Websites is one of the very best and most affordable web design companies in Gloucester, and although we know we can offer you the very best service and ROI we though that we would share some advice that may help you on your journey. 


Before you approach a web design company, you want to have a complete plan of action and you don’t need to know any of the techie stuff to get a superb website made for you. What you do need is a clear understanding of your company so you can convey the correct information to the web designers.


Here are some preparation guidelines to help you get the most from your web designer.


1. Mission Statement


Having a clear documented mission statement will help the web designer understand what your company is about and more importantly where it is going. This type of information will affect the look , feel and design of the website.


2. How good are you


Prepare a list of testimonials from your clients. What you are trying to do is paint a clear picture about your company. client testimonials will help the web designer understand what type of service you provide and how well you provide it. Its another piece of the picture that your web designer is trying to create for you.


3. Who do you compete with


A list of competitors that are in your locality will enable your website designer to not only improve your web design but also help you create a marketing strategy. Being better than the rest is what its all about.


4. Website goals


Supply a document detailing what you want your website to achieve and what functionality you would like it to have. Create this document as if you had a limitless budget. Let your web designer guide you later in regards to your budget. If you don't ask you won't get!


5. Market research


Spend some time looking at other websites and write down things that you do and don't like. Pick a website that you would like to aspire to. This allows you to convey clearly what you are trying to achieve and allows the web designer to drill into the technological side of things.


Follow these simple steps and you will be ready for your first web design meeting.


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