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Welcome to Quay Websites, Gloucestershire's affordable web design and SEO marketing specialists for businesses based in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Bristol and the surrounding areas.


Our friendly team of online specialists love helping small, medium and large companies get more for being online. With over 15 years experience our services cover an array of online solutions including responsive website design, SEO, email marketing, social network management and PPC.

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At Quay Websites we value the importance of our team and invest in employed staff that are skilled in website design and marketing. Being a family run company based in Gloucester, Gloucestershire you can expect a very personal service.

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Looking for web design in Cheltenham & Gloucester? Our websites are designed just for you and will reflect your company and brand.


Our in house web designers based in Cheltenham & Gloucester will work closely with you to achieve your desired look and functionality. We will guide you every step of the way helping you make the right decisions to create a beautiful and functional website. Our friendly approach makes the web design process enjoyable for all.



Social networks are here to stay so it is important to realise how these can be integrated into your business and website. They are not for everyone but there are defiantly a lot of applications that they can be used  to deliver rich rewards. Quay Websites specialises in social networking and Facebook advertising in Gloucestershire.


Having a fan base to promote your services and products can unlock new streams of revenue that you never realised were there. We are with you every step of the way and can manage your social network for you so you dont have to worry about anything!



SEO for Cheltenham & Gloucester. Quay Websites cannot only create you a visually stunning website but also help you establish your audience using SEO (search engine optimisation)


Affordable SEO packages tailored to your requirements and budget with realistic goals and marketing structures designed for businesses in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Gloucestershire.




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We are proud of our work and achievements and would love to tell you about some of our local business success stories.

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The girls in our team have lots of shoes however they do not fit everyone. Our tailored packages make sure you get a unique solution

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Over the years we have learnt what works and what is a waste of your hard earned money, use our experience to avoid marketing pitfalls.

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Our main priority is you and we will do everything we can to assist you in your project, our realistic approach to online marketing is like a breath of fresh air.

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services available in gloucester, cheltenham & london

Do More Online

Want to get more out of your website or social media? Government backed scheme 'do more online' is a great resource to help you get the most from the internet.

Quay Websites Ltd has handpicked a selection of videos and useful information to help you get more from your website, social media and digital world!

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ppc - pay per click google advertising.

Looking to expand your business quickly and need to be on Google's page one?

Quay Websites have amazing PPC packages to suit all businesses in Cheltenham, Gloucester and throughout Gloucestershire.


Guaranteed page one position within two days for up to 5 keyword phrases with unlimited impressions and clicks from just £150 per month. No annual contract with down scale options after 30 days.


Learn more about promoting your business with PPC adverts on the no.1 search engine Google .... 

Affordable Web design Gloucester & Cheltenham

The question we get asked the most is, how much is a website? As you can imagine the price can vary dependent on what functionality you require within the web design. So here is a guide to prepare you for your first web design consultation and give you a heads up on what you would expect to pay. Before we get into the guide I would like to point out that Quay Websites is one of Gloucester and Cheltenham's most affordable web design company but yet still offering the highest quality web design service. So what ever your budget and project is get in touch as we are confident that we can tailor a web design package to suit your requirements. What should you pay Most web design companies including Quay Websites base their pricing module on how long the ascertain the project to complete. So to get the very best priced web design preparation is key. The more information you can gather and give to your web designer the more accurate your price will be. Here is a list of things that you should know prior to contacting a web design company: How many pages the website will need to beDo you intend to sell online - E-commerceWill you be supplying text and images or do you expect the web designer create theseHave you registered your own domain and email boxesDo you have a project deadlineDo you need the ability to make changes yourself - CMS (content management system) Once you have the above basic information you should be able to get a accurate price from the website designer. As a rough guide here is what you would expect to pay for a modern responsive website: Small 5 page showcase website £450 - £700Large 10+ page showcase website £600 - £1100Small e-commerce website £800 - £1200Large e-commerce website £1500 - £2500 Competition analysis A great way to work out what you need from a website is look at your competition and write down what you like and don't like about their websites. This will help your web designer to understand what you need from your new website. Quay Websites Ltd Quay Websites can help you get the most from being online in Gloucester and Cheltenham. Contact us today to discuss your project in full. Call 01242 649 622 

IOS 10 - What can I help you with?

Apples IOS 10 is here and is busting with features to make our everyday life easier and more exciting. Since we upgraded our Apple phones at Quay Websites we have been playing around with lots of the new features and seeing what will be of use throughout our busy days at work. We love making our clients lives easier and their days more productive and that's not just oinline and with our SEO services in Gloucester and Cheltenham but also we are here to help you with any technical support you require. So we have put together a list of useful features in IOS 10  that might just get through your daily grind. 1. Siri - Finally Apple has allowed third party app developers to access Siri for extended features within their apps. We should see some great new things coming to our favourite apps very soon. however here are a few things that we use Siri for every day that you may benefit from. Here's one that you may not have though about, Maths, Siri has to be the best calculator, rattle off your sums to it and you will get a quick answer. We use this all the time, we get SIri to work out our VAT and any mathematical question that's floating around our office. Searching the web is really easy with SIri , so save on those fingers and just ask Siri what you are looking for. 2. Parked car - This is super as when visiting clients particularly in Cheltenham I have to park my car down a side street and after the meeting I can be often scratching my head in regards to where I have parked the car. IOS 10 now automatically records when you parked your car and pins it on maps. The best bit is that you don't have to do a thing, its all automatic.  3. Messages - communication in any business is so important so finding new and easy ways to communicate is always on our radar. The new messages app allows you to send drawings, files, music and all sorts. After getting over sending stupid pictures to each other and playing noughts and crosses, we have found that it is a really cool and easy way to stay in touch with the team. 4. Notifications are looking a lot better and are more prominent making sure we don't miss and messages, also voicemail can be converted to text which is great if you listening to voicemail's. Over the coming months we will see how IOS 10 has benefited our day to day business, so watch this space for more information on IOS 10 features.   

Have you seen you google rank change recently?

  It seems Google may have tweaked their search ranking algorithm, your site may be ranking higher or lower or the same depending on if this update has impacted your web pages. Google has not yet confirmed the update but based on a in the search community, it seems like an update is indeed happening.To be clear, it seems like there were two updates in the past twenty-four hours. The large update seems to be around , which kicked off earlier this morning or late last night. The second update was likely around  in Google.Google core search ranking updateAgain, Google has not confirmed that there was an update – we’ve emailed them this morning and we hope they get back to us soon. The search community overall seems to be debating that there was an update but there is a huge number of ‘SEOs’ who are saying they do indeed see ranking changes in their verticals. It also doesn’t seem to be a specific industry but rather across all industries and verticals. If you need help getting back on track be sure to visit our SEO page

SEO Gloucester


Its great to see Gloucester starting to thrive again as businesses and consumers make the most of the new Gloucester Quay's outlet and shopping centre. With regular events throughout the year Gloucester is putting itself back on the map and with that comes opportunity for businesses to become more exposed to a larger local audience. A fantastic way to push your business in front of new consumers is through organic SEO. At Quay Websites we know that organic SEO is the best form of online marketing and the most affordable route to new customers online. Although the path can be a little longer the ROI is fantastic once you acquire your position goals on leading search engines like Google. So what can we do for you? Quay Websites Ltd have over 15 years of experience in online marketing and SEO and is proudly one of Gloucester's no.1 SEO companies. Affordable SEO packages have been created to suit small to medium sized companies in Gloucestershire. Contact us for more details. When we help companies with their SEO we often find that the website is letting the company down , however small to medium sized businesses can often struggle to afford both sEO and a new website. This is why we are offering companies the chance to have a FREE responsive website with every SEO package over £200 pm. This is a fantastic way to shout about your business online for an affordable £200 pm. Find out more by clicking here Contact Quay Websites Ltd for free advice about how to rank your website on Google and see what we can do for you and your company. Call 01452 899 722 or email info@quaywebsites.co.uk